Foster Fail: A feet first dive into kitten rescue.

I grew up always having a pet, dogs, hamsters, gunning pigs and fish. I liked animals, but never really had a strong passion for them when I was young. When I moved out if my parent’s house, I got different pets like, snakes, lizards and rats. You know, stuff that my parents would NEVER allow in their home!

Then, I married, had a son, that was plenty for me to take care of. When my son was a bit older, old enough to know not to hit, bite or try to ride the dog, we decided to get our first dog as a family. We grew eventually had three dogs.

Something changed when I moved out of the city. I felt closer to nature and animals. I got into animal rescue / lost and found volunteer work because our first dog went missing and was never found. So, I help run a Facebook group that helps animals and their owners reconnect. Paying it forward.

So one day a member needs help. She had found a kitten, abandoned by its mother. I made sure that the girl had watched for mom to return, unfortunately she did not. The girl could not keep the kitten. All of our kitten fosters were full so I stepped up to the plate. Now, I have to tell you that I have ZERO experience with cats. Thank goodness for other bloggers, internet articles and the wisdom of the ladies that I volunteer with.

I picked up this sweet tiny thing and took her to our local humane society to see if they could give me some tips. They weighed her. She was only 11 ounces! The humane society will not take a kitten until they are 1 pound. We have a little work to do. They told me she was a she and about 2 – 3 weeks old. Good lord what have I gotten myself into!! I brought her home with formula and bottles in tow.

My husband comes home from work. He’s not so happy. I told him about the humane society not taking her until she in a pound, so can we just foster her until she can be adopted? He reluctantly agreed. My husband named her 10AC (Tennessee) about a week later. He was still trying to keep his distance from her so not to get attached. I was the one that was to do all of the feedings, bathing, and the potty stuff. Did you know that kittens at this age cannot go potty on their own? Until kittens are able to use the litterbox, they need outside stimulation. Seriously, He would come it to do a little play time, of course!

It was like having a baby for a few weeks. I was off of work at the time due to heath reasons, so it was not a disruption. The longer she was with me, I kept thinking about how hard it would be to give this kitten to a stranger. I was like her momma right now.

She was doing good, gaining weight and advancing to gruel (canned food and formula). Then the magical litter training day came. There was no training at all! I stuck her in the box and she went. I had a genius kitten!! My husband thought so too. Every milestone that we googled, she was right on track. She was being the perfect kitten. My husband even started volunteering to take over feedings.

I think someone is starting to like the kitten.

My husband and I had a conversation about keeping 10AC. There was a big condition on keeping her. She had to get along with the dogs, or lets say the dogs would get along with her. I have some big pups. So, we worked with the kitten and the dogs, slowly, but consistently. She finally worked her way into the pack of dogs. She is part of the family now.

Needless to say, no more fosters for me.

Today 10AC is 4 months old. My husband comes home from work and asks “Where is my baby doll?”. He is not referring to me! We are searching for a good cat tree with a condo, so if anyone has any good suggestions I would love to hear them.